Clark Humanities

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Thurs., March 14 – speeches (Mariam R., Michael R., Abigail C., Mike B.; Ryan W., David M.)

Fri., March 15 – speeches (Narek I., Arpa B., Fiona M.; Phillip S., Harut P.); have read 45-62 in Night (task also due); vocab. #12 test

Tues., March 26 – have read pages 53-80 in Night (your third “task” is due today)

Wed., March 27 – LAMOTH field trip

Thurs., March 28 – CPR training for period 4 history

Fri., March 29 – CPR training for period 3 history

Monday, April 1 – have read pages 81-92 (no task due)


Welcome to Sophomore Humanities, a course which combines world history and sophomore English. We have finished studying World War I and are now looking at the rise of authoritarian governments in Europe prior to World War II (and we are  reading Elie Wiesel’s Night )

On-going assignments include:

  1. 1.History of Object writing/speech assignment (due various times) -- be sure to submit your typed work to

  1. 2.Article of the Week / Checklist

Assignments/homework for March 2019