Clark Humanities

Clark Magnet High School     4747 New York Ave.    

La Crescenta, CA 91214     818.248.8324


Fri., Feb. 15 –  have read ch. 7 in Animal Farm: last day to turn in business letter for credit; deadline for WWI story

Tues., Feb. 19 – Holocaust survivor speaker

Wed., Feb. 20 -- bring your story printed out in column form as per the guidelines you established as a group on Friday; have read chapters 8 and 9 in Animal Farm

Thurs., Feb. 21 – photo and caption printed and brought to class

Fri., Feb. 22 – infographic printed and brought to class / two space fillers printed and brought to class;  article of the week due; Animal Farm test


Welcome to Sophomore Humanities, a course which combines world history and sophomore English. We are beginning our study of WWI and are working on a new project. In addition, we are finishing reading Animal Farm (George Orwell).

On-going assignments include:

  1. 1.History of Object writing/speech assignment (due various times) -- be sure to submit your typed work to

  1. 2.Article of the Week / Checklist

Assignments/homework for Feb. 2019