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Wed., March 14 – have read pages 27-43 in Night (no written work due)

Thurs., March 15  -- in-class writing on totalitarianism comparison (bring writing handbook, history textbook, notes notebook, and any notes we’ve done in class on this topic; honors students should bring Italy reading)

Fri., March 16 – Newsela #4 due; have read pages 45-62 in Night (written work also due)

Wed., March 28  Night reading and project work due (pps 63-80)

Thurs., March 29 – Night reading due [note change of date] (pps 81-92)

Fri., March 30 – LA Museum of the Holocaust field trip


Welcome to Sophomore Humanities, a course which combines world history and sophomore English. We just finished studying the development of totalitarian governments in the 20th century (Germany, Russia, Italy) and are reading Elie Wiesel’s Night. Soon we will turn our attention to the development of World War II.

On-going assignments include:

1. History of Object writing/speech assignment (due various times) -- be sure to submit your typed work to

Assignments/homework for March 2018

Happy spring break!