Clark Humanities

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Wed., June 5  – DOL review

Thurs., June 6 – begin projects (tables 1-5 – block 2); restroom passes due (WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE); return world history books and any books you checked out from our class library

Fri., June 7 – DOL, reading analysis and projects (tables 6-12 block 2)

Mon., June 10 – history test and projects (tables 13-17, block 2; tables 1-5, block 3)

Tues., June 11— DOL, reading analysis, and projects (tables 6-9 – block 3)


History Test (June 10)

Two parts: (1) ten multiple-choice questions re: Cold War and history content we’ve studied since then; (2) a short paragraph on one of the key events / issues from the Cold War note-taking paper (Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan, Berlin Blockade and Airlift, Conflicts in Hungary [1956] and Czechoslovakia [1968], Berlin Wall, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cuban Missile Crisis). We will choose the event / issue. In this paragraph, you will identify the following:

  1. When during the Cold War did this event occur?

  2. Who was involved in it (countries, leaders)?

  3. Why did this event occur?

  4. Who was mostly responsible for causing this event?

  5. What happened during this event

  6. What was the outcome?

  7. How did this event lessen or increase Cold War tensions?

Assignments/homework for June 2019