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Wednesday, April 17 – vocab. #14 definitions / part of speech due; history of object writing due (Melanie M., Leo N., Andy M., Isaiah R., Aubrey Q., Maneh H., Hovhannes B., Alex A., David B; Anri A., Marielle F. [AND YOU, if you didn’t already do this])

Thurs., April 19 – history of object speeches (Melanie M., Leo N., Andy M., Isaiah R., Aubrey Q.; Marielle F.); printed list of questions for oral history due (by categories)

Fri., April 20 – history of object speech (Maneh H., Hovhannes B., Alex A., David B.; Anri A.); vocab. #14 test

Fri.., April 27 -- article of the week due

Mon., April 30 -- oral history recording saved in Google Drive (bring headphones if you have them)

Tues., May 1 -- history test (mult choice)


Welcome to Sophomore Humanities, a course which combines world history and sophomore English. We are now studying the origins and development of World War II and are beginning to work on an oral history project.

On-going assignments include:

  1. 1.History of Object writing/speech assignment (due various times) -- be sure to submit your typed work to

  1. 2.Article of the Week / Checklist

Assignments/homework for April 2019