Clark Humanities

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Fri., 9/7 -- article of the week #1 due; read Act 5, pp. 111-116

Wed., 9/12 – rhetorical triangle writing assessment; review vocab. #2 (bring tone words list)

Thurs., 9/13 – Ch. 2, Sec. 1 homework due (given in class Wed.)

Fri., 9/14 – vocab. #2 test

Wed., 9/19 – object writing due (Arsen P. Hayk T., Boules M. A., Mane M., Nathan F., Mitchell D., Harut D., Christina K.; Artur R., Christina Z., Liliana V., Melanie E.)

Thurs., 9/20 – history of object speeches (Arsen P. Hayk T., Boules M. A., Mane M.; Artur R., Christina Z.)

Fri., 9/21 – history of object speeches (Nathan F., Mitchell D., Harut D., Christina K.; Liliana V., Melanie E.); article of the week #2 due

Mon., 9/24 -- Ch. 2, Sec. 2 homework

Tues., 9/25 – narrative planning paper due (both sides)

Wed., 9/26 – vocab. #3 review

Fri., 9/28 – vocab. #3 test

Welcome to Sophomore Humanities, a course which combines world history and sophomore English. We are now finishing our study of the Enlightenment and will soon be studying world revolutions in the 18th and 19th centuries.

On-going assignments include:

  1. 1.History of Object writing/speech assignment (due various times) -- be sure to submit your typed work to

  1. 2.Article of the Week / Checklist

  1. 3.Real World Writing

Assignments/homework for Sept. 2018